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Circa 1955, WeePakum Inn’s tradition began in the rural farming community of Remington, Indiana. Jerry Wilder’s parents named their cabin at Fountain Park Chautauqua correctly as their four children along with their friends and family certainly did Pakum Inn even to this present day.

Following in 1994, brother Ron and his wife, Sharyl, opened Wee PakumInn 2 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where they enjoyed 24 seasons creating cabin life for their many guests from near and far!
Keeping the tradition alive, you can also enter WeePakumInn Upnorth which is tucked within the quiet woods of Birchwood, Wisconsin.  City dwellers and rural folks alike can trade traffic for nature’s tranquility.  The innkeeper’s many years in the restaurant industry, coupled with their love of entertaining, is the perfect blend to capture moments enjoyed and memories being made in a very comfortable, welcoming setting.